Be aware: Batman Costume Package Vs Reality!

This is sadly unfortunate and happens a lot during Halloween. Some online retailers offer very cheaply-made costume and this article is a good reminder that it DOES happen.

A similar experience just happened to us this year and we are in the process of getting the princess costume we ordered back to the online retailer to get it exchanged. The costume we received, although the right size for our daughter, did not seem to fit her as well as on the picture. The back of the dress was shorter than the front and stitches were snapped in a few places…

So here are a couple tips:

– if you buy the costume in a store, open the package and look at the costume

– if you buy the costume online: buy from an online retailer with good ratings, if you buy from Amazon, buy from a reputable (by ratings) seller and make sure they do offer a return policy. Take pictures, and send email them to the retailer, they might be able to send you a new costume before you ship yours back to them so you can have it on time.

Here is an excerpt of the story:

> It’s not exactly the kind of crime the caped crusader would go after, but reader synimatik was a bit pissed when she opened her son’s Batman costume and found it didn’t match up with the image on the outside of the package. Reader synimatik writes:I recently ordered a costume from Amazon made by Rubies Costume Company. When I received it, it was very different than the packaging. I took 3 pictures of it.

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