Balloon Boy Costumes make it Before Halloween

If you are from Colorado like I am you may be a little tired of hearing about the supposed publicity stunt created by the Heene family. A few days ago the news was alive with a boy missing supposedly on a homemade air balloon. Many went out to help search for the missing boy and one person even managed to tackle the balloon in hopes of rescuing the boy. However, Falcon Heene was never in the balloon instead he was in his family home up in the attic.

Little Falcon was on CNN with his family and he let it slip to the media that the event was for “show.”¬ù His father supposedly planned the entire event. Colorado news media has suggested that the DA will be bringing charges against the family for the danger they could have caused as well as brining out rescue teams that could have been needed elsewhere. Nothing has been set yet regarding the criminal charges, but one thing has come from this massive hunt for a missing boy.

Balloon Boy Costumes hit the shelves not long after the stunt. A Canadian company has worked tirelessly to create the Balloon Boy costume in time for Halloween a week from Saturday. According to news reports these costumes are certainly flying off the shelves. In fact there may be as many Harry Potter costumes as there are Balloon Boy Costumes as they are so popular.

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