Anyone can be a superhero: Super You

If there’s one thing that the astronomical box office numbers have taught us, superheroes are more popular than ever! Movies with comic book or superhero themes like Watchmen, Iron Man and even Will Smith’s unorthodox hero, Hancock pull in mega-bucks at the box office and comic book sales are doing rather well in spite of the economic downturn.

But why should just superheroes get to be, well… superheroes?! Kids are some of superheroes biggest fans and often love to play dress-up as some of their favorite characters. Now, with the aid of a new company, Super You, can create their very own superhero costumes with their own unique qualities purely from their imagination. Kids can customize their own costumes from capes to patches, and even masks to hide their own super identity! Adding an even more distinctive touch, these custom costumes come packaged in a briefcase that would make Clark Kent proud!

Began by Marijane Voltz, a mom and educator, Super You started when one of her children outgrew his favorite superhero costume and needed something new. Through encouragement and fostering a love for creativity in her kids, Voltz transformed a simple playtime activity in her own home to one that reaches out to kids all over.

You can read more about Super You and have your own little one create their own unique costume of their dreams here:

Unfortunately, Super You costumes don’t come in adult sizes. If you’re a grown up who enjoys running around in tights or dressing as your favorite costumed crusader, there’s plenty of costumes devoted to your favorite superheroes like Batman, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Superman!

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