An Impressive Home Made Iron Man Costume

> While I personally thought that the second Iron Man pretty much sucked, that doesn’t mean some cool stuff didn’t come out of the movie. And I’m strictly referring to cosplay here folks. While I feel the movie fell short in so many ways it’s not even worth talking about, there were some pretty awesome get ups at comic and gaming conventions that warrant a nod.

Check out the project after the jump…..

But anyhow, Paul should definitely forbid that opinions about movies other than his own are published here. Otherwise this is way to confusing…


These Iron Man Hands Wall Breaker Hands are hard to resist! Decorate your room with it! Costume Includes: Wall breaker
Have a superhero theme party and decorate it with this iconic Avenger Iron Man Wall Breaker! Costume Includes: Wall breaker
If you had to have a superhero as a neighbor, who would you want? Batman lives in a nice neighborhood, as long as you stay above ground. Hulk could help you move stuff, and you'd be just fine as long ...
Brand: Rubie's Costume Co.Merchant: ThinkGeek
The Iron Man Hands Wall Decor is a great accessory idea for Halloween party. Make us your source for party supplies and costumes for all occasions. You'll find everything you need at a low price with ...
The Iron Man Cardboard Standup (Each) will be like having a real Avenger at your boy's next birthday party. this large cutout features Tony Stark wearing his Iron Man suit in style. the party will ris...

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