Amazing: Steve Jobs Carved in Pumpkin

Alex Wer is an artists and a pumpkin carving master and known for his celebrity pumpkin carvings:

>My name is Alex Wer and I started this “Orange Empire” about 2 years ago on accident. My wife asked me to carve a pumpkin for her office Open House. I’ve always enjoyed carving pumpkins so I thought it would be fun. Since it was a few weeks until Halloween, my options were to carve a real pumpkin and have it die within a week, or try my hand at craft pumpkins which would last forever (I know, I haven’t “lived forever” yet, so how do I really know?). It was a simple logo and script and was a big hit at the Open House. Soon I had about 35 orders for business logos and even children’s portraits! Not even knowing WHAT I was doing, The Pumpkin Geek was born!!!!

In honor of Steve Jobs, he carved this amazing pumpkin:

>This carve was done as a tribute to a man who changed the face of animation & technology. It has been sent as a gift to Apple Headquarters out of respect, admiration & condolences to all those who surrounded him…


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