Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf a DC hero. It starts out with a teenage scholar in college. His teacher Mrs.Writses is giving a lesson on Radiation. The main Character Riyen Cardore.deside to do research on the effects of radioactivity on a wolf to see if it could stop cancer.

Riyen family has a history of prostate caner.Riyen dose not have it his mother dose that why he’s doing radiation research on a wolf.When the wolf is hit with radition it gose insane and bite Riyen on the arm and escapes from his lab in his basement.

Ryen is rush to the hospital and surprisingly Riyen is alive and no longer has any Woundsthey had healed.

Short story short Riyen has power like hulk but has them a litte diffrent like he can smell and track you from any where see good at night even through walls and Alpha wolf has super strong claws and teeth that can go through any thing even trough wolverine adamantium.Alpha Wolf dose eat people but only who people he fights. Other than taht he has all the characteristic of hulk.His fur is purple like black with green eyes long claws and teeth. Stands at “8feet” and “4feet” wide weigh in at one ton.

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