RAfiki from Lion king (broadway musical)

this was a little time consuming but successful non the less, I bought everything from walmart and Ross, I used pipe cleaners and a girft box for the hat and hair, the most time consuming was the neck piece which i used cardboard and hot glued 100’s of beads with pipe cleaners to the card board, the skirt is made of 3 or 4 towels that i glued to some old shorts, i made a pan from card board and the gift box top, and for shoes i used my crocks, worked perfectly, I won a costume contest at the night club,also i had lion king music playing while i was walking the streets of Waikiki. lol

The innovative and dramatic stage production of The Lion King continues its domination on Broadway. Featuring additional music not heard in the film version, Jay's marvelous arrangement includes Circl...
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(Easy Piano Vocal Selections) . Easy arrangements of 15 songs from this hit Tony -winning musical: Be Prepared * Can You Feel the Love Tonight * Circle of Life * Endless Night * Hakuna Matata * I Just...
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Author Name: Elton John, Tim Rice Publisher: Hal Leonard Publishing Date: August 01, 1999
Merchant: Staples
(Vocal Selections) . Now available Our deluxe songbook features piano/vocal arrangements of 14 songs by Elton John and Tim Rice from this beloved Tony -winning musical: Be Prepared * Can You Feel the ...
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