LeeLoo Costume with Orange Suspenders

I know the orange suspenders are the toughest part to find and the toughest to make fit right, so I offer them seperately and with the complete costume at www.ThreeMusesClothing.com

They are made from tough stretch vinyl and custom fitted to your measurements. Each one is hand cut and detailed with care. It takes a while to make them, and get the fit just right, so the price reflects the time that goes into them. It’s a couture piece of clothing, made to fit just you. Average cost is $100, though sometimes they are on sale for less.

The entire costume is also available with suspenders, wig, pants, striped pants, multi-pass. I often have sales and promo codes posted on the store blog www.ThreeMusesBlog.com. You can also see customer photos and comments about their costumes.

The photo posted here is a mannequin wearing our costume while on display at a film festival in Brazil.

You need an outfit you can rely on when you're a supreme being tasked with saving the universe from destruction. You could run into some Mangalores that want to fight, or you might have to take Korben...
Become Leeloo from the movie The 5th Element in this exclusive costume for women.
Brand: Fun CostumesMerchant: Fun.com

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