How to make a My Little Pony costume

A throwback to the ’80s, nostalgia is big on the radar again. With this versatile, fun, and easy to make costume, you can catch onto the crazy with a homemade My Little Pony costume. This costume can be tailored to a variety of styles, suitable for children, or into funny and/or sexy versions for adult women.

##Things You’ll Need##

* A long, pastel colored wig or crystal wig

*Synthetic clip-in hair to match


* Spray-in hair coloring

* Banana clip hair accessory

* Rubber band

* Safety pins

* Sleeveless or long-sleeved unitard (can be purchased at a dance supply store) in any color you choose.

* Puffy paint or glitter puffy paint


* Computer and printer

* Iron-on transfer paper

* Headband with “pony” ears (can use large cat ears or smaller bunny ears) to match unitard.

* Mittens

##Putting together your My Little Pony costume#

Step 1: Purchase your unitard in any color. It can be white, silver, or any pastel color. If you want, you can also choose black.

Step 2: Choose the design you want to make on the sides of your pony costume, like how the toy line had designs relating to the pony’s name on it’s side and butt. You can print out this design from your computer and onto an iron-on transfer applied to both sides of your unitard, going down the thigh-portion. Or you could use Puffy Paint (from the craft store. You don’t get more nostalgic than puffy paint) to draw it on.

Some ideas you can use:

For a classic My Little Pony: copy main pony Sundance with her shooting star design

For a funny design of your own: a bottle of Elmer’s Glue

For a sexy design of your own: Cherries and music notes to make a “Rockabilly pony”

For a goth version of your own: a Skull

Step 3: Grab a thick rubber band, bunch your colorful wig together in a ponytail and pin it to the back of your costume like a real “pony’s tail.”

Step 4: Streak your hair with spray in hair color to match your tail wig or with colorful synthetic strands to match.

Step 5: Pull your hair back pony-style with a banana clip hair accessory, to make it look more like a pony’s mane.

Step 6: Put on your ears over your hair, either clip-in or on a headband. Larger cat ears work well as do smaller bunny ears for this look.

Step 7: Do your makeup to match the design you have on your unitard. When in doubt, add some glitter!

Step 8: Add some matching mittens to look like hooves and prepare to prance off to your next party!


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