9 circles of hell

I am totally trying to come up with a way to do the 9 circles of hell from the divine comedy. I want it all to be super demonic

the nine circles are

1. Limbo

2. Lustful

3. Gluttonous

4. Horders and spendthrifts

5. The wrathful and sullen

6. The heretics

7. The violent

8. The fraudulent

9. The traitors

I’ve got decent ideas for Lust (my girl dressed up hotly in red), Glutton (me in a fat suit with bbq sauce all over my face, turkey leg in the hand, nice dirty clothes), wrath (gold drag queen), the heretics is pretty easy, I am thinking bloody crosses, the violent would be in whatever outfit with far too many weapons, the limbo is easy with protesting signs, the traitors would be rough…… the horders and spendthrifts, not too bad, dress one guy up as a homeless guy with money creeping out of his pockets, the other up as a pimp with some gold teeth.

what do yall think?

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