’80s Theme Party and Costume Ideas

Everything old is new again and a lot of trends from the ’80s are finding themselves firmly entrenched in pop culture today. From leggings, long tunic tops, and Izod polo shirts in bright colors to even bands from the ’80s finding a new audience with concert tours, releasing albums, and even television shows.

Celebrate “The Me Decade” with a themed costume party! Decorate your with vinyl tablecloths and streamers the neon colors popular back in the day with ’80s candies like Nerds, wax soda bottle candies, and even decks of (the recently re-released) Garbage Pail Kids cards as party favors.

If the politics of the decade are more your thing, a high-quality latex Ronald Reagan mask can make you over in the image of the former United States President.

Some fun costume ideas can come from popular films of the ’80s. Slice up an old sweatshirt and put on some leg warmers and voila! Instant “Flashdance”! Carry an oversized stereo boombox and swing on a trench coat over some jeans and you’re Lloyd Dobbler from “Say Anything.” Or, go for full on horror as silver scream icon of the ’80s, Freddy Krueger.

The world of music in the ’80s with artists who became legends is a potential gold record mine for costume ideas. A long, purple coat worn over a lace jabot and cuffs will turn you into “Purple Rain”-era Prince. Add a faux guitar and a curly black wig with a bandana to compliment your regal look. Ladies may want to dress up with a Cyndi Lauper wig and frilly skirt or even as the Material Girl herself, Madonna in either “Desperately Seeking Susan” mode or playing it up “Like a Virgin.

Regardless of what you choose to wear or eat, nearly everyone has fond memories of the colorful days of the ’80s.

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