8 Couple Costume Ideas

– Prince William & Kate Middleton (or Prince Charles and Camilla!)

His costume: A suit will do, but bonus points if you can recreate the Irish Guards uniform Wills donned for the royal wedding with thrift store finds.

Her costume: There’s a smorgasbord of options here, from the famous Sarah Burton wedding gown to the pictured red suit. Almost anyone can find a smart-looking suit or dress, but it’s not truly Kate without the matching purse, gloves and shiny brunette mane.

– Bert & Ernie

His costume: Either a Bert or Ernie mask; dorky sweater.

Her costume: Either a Bert or Ernie mask; dorky sweater.

– Jay-Z & Beyonce

His costume: White tux. Bling. Yankees hat. Perhaps not all three in one costume.

Her costume: Glittery jacket, opened up to reveal…a baby bump.

– Alvy Singer & Annie Hall

His costume: Whatever schlubby men who could care less about their appearance wear. See Woody Allen.

Her costume: Rock the bookish menswear a la Diane Keaton.

– Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

His costume: White face paint. Fake blood. Black trench coat. A lot of black.

Her costume: White face paint. Fake blood. Sexy black bandage dress.

– Johnny & Baby from ‘Dirty Dancing’

His costume: Black sleeveless tee and pants. Mullet. Dancing shoes.

Her costume: Slinky dress and dancing shoes — or cropped button-down, tight jeans and dancing shoes. Keep it strictly 80s with the perm.

– Juno & Paulie

His costume: Who could forget Michael Cera’s burgundy track suit and headband? Add a medal or two for good measure.

Her costume: Jeans. Cardigan. Black nail polish. Huge pregnancy belly. Don’t forget the trademark snark.

– Rhett & Scarlett from ‘Gone With The Wind’

His costume: A classic suit. Slicked-back hair.

Her costume: Green velour dress with hoop skirt. Corset. Corkscrew curls. Plenty of attitude.


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