21 Sticks it to the Man! Casino-inspired Costumes

Based on a true story, “21” hit theatres this week, telling the story of six MIT students who turned the tables on Vegas casinos using math and probability to beat the odds.Ǭ† Heroes to everyone who has ever lost and lost big in Sin City or Atlantic City, _Ǭ†these students leveled the playing field, turning the crap tables on an industry designed to profit from patrons’ losses.Ǭ† Check out the trailer for the film here.

Even if you can’t beat the system, cheer on the guys and gals who can by donning some casino costumes.Ǭ† Score the look of a high roller with dollar trimmed accessories, or sit on the side of your favorite Sin City score-settlers as Lady Luck, clad in elegant head to toe green.Ǭ†


Make a statement with a One Armed Bandit costume._Ǭ† Spruce up a slot machine costume with bandit accessories like a robber’s mask and a sack of “money.”.

Round out the night’s party at your pad with some classic Vegas-themed flicks like the original Oceans Eleven (starring the Rat Pack!), Casino, The Cooler, and Honeymoon in Vegas._Ǭ† For an extra-fun touch, the hostess can serve drinks dressed as an old school hat check girl with a serving tray full of mixed drinks!

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